About Houkje

I see things. Not creepy things like dead people or ghosts… but really cool images. These images tell a story about a person’s life. Where are they struggling? What are they hoping for? How do they get along with their Great Aunt Sally, you know.. the one who always pinched their cheeks as a child? How can they look at that problem or situation in a different way? The images tell the story and oftentimes give guidance.

I also can feel what a client is experiencing, which helps me understand how to convey intuitive information to them and tells me where they are in any given situation. Sometimes I hear messages and sometimes I just know stuff… but mostly, I rely on images to convey information to my clients.

I am an intuitive, a coach, and a writer. I am a lover of nature, gardens, dogs, animals, wildlife, and biking. I believe we live life too fast and that we’d all be better off if we could take mid day naps and walks in the woods.

Even though I ‘see’ things, most of my friends would tell you I am solid and pretty grounded. I don’t wear a turban when I read and I don’t promise to know your future.

I am empathic and intuitive. I listen deeply, with all my senses.

As an intuitive and a coach, I help people gain clarity and insight about their lives. As a writer, I help others tell their stories.

I also love photography. Images always have a story to tell. The photo to the right is of a door in an alley in the town I live in. I have walked by it many times and love that the impression of the vine lives on, even after it has been removed. I also love that the doorway is in an unexpected place….

My Previous Life

For 15 years, I worked in the Washington D.C. metro area as a writer, editor, project manager, and communications manager. I worked as a communications specialist in the public health field. After awhile, I couldn’t help but yawn the moment I sat down in my office chair. The pay was great, but bureaucracy moves at a snails pace and has a surprising amount of stress associated with it. I now work from home, do not have to battle with DC metro traffic. My multi-tasking involves doing laundry while calling in animal guides. I am pretty sure my old co workers are super jealous of me, they are just too polite to say.

In 2010, I began studying life coaching practices. In July 2011 I became a certified coach through O Magazine columnist and best selling author Martha Beck. I also trained with Michael and Lynn Trotta of Sagefire Institute to learn how to bring nature-based coaching methods to the work I do… but it was mostly so I could learn how to build spectacular fires on the fly and relive my childhood at age 40. Really, I am not kidding. The great and wonderful Beverly Belling of the Intuitive Arts Studio taught me everything I know about how to tap into and read intuitive information.