“Houkje is a skilled and motivational life coach. Her style is open and inclusive and this approach gave me a great sense of ownership of our work together. I learned so much about myself; and even more, I developed a strong belief in my capacity to make changes in my life. “

– K. Kohl, Mt. Rainier, Maryland


“Houkje is a brilliant and creative coach who has a gift for asking the right questions and getting to the heart of what’s going on.  In our coaching sessions, she creates an open space where I can safely explore what I want to create and what is getting in the way.

–Lorraine Faehndrich, Ithaca, NY


Houkje’s style helped me with an important transitional time in my life. Her style is very open, non-judgmental and calm. I’ve learned two key concepts that have really stayed with me: to listen to my body and to use my “right brain” to make choices when given a dilemma. The tools Houkje taught me have helped me feel more confident and that I determine my value, no one else does.”

— C. Terry, Washington, D.C.


“Houkje led a coaching session for a group of independent consultants. She has a special talent for guiding a group without directing them. She used creative exercises that helped me identify how to take my career to the next level. By the middle of her session, I had a concrete of idea of my next steps which left me feeling energized.”

–Annette Bongiovanni, Health Care Analyst, Washington, D.C.


“As a participant in the What the Sunflower Knows program, I learned a great deal about planting, nurturing and tending one’s own seeds and garden in real life and metaphorically, enjoyed several soothing and enlightening visualization exercises, and connected with and learned from a small fun group of people also interested in playing and sitting with plants to reduce stress.

I realized that watering a dead orchid for 6 years is not an effective use of my time or water, and that planting an entire seed packet in one pot is also not necessary. (No judging, people ;) ) This is a class I would highly recommend if she offers it again in the future.”

— Anonymous, Boston, Mass.