Stories to Inspire

I am passionate about the natural world. I am also passionate about growing into a better version of myself.

This blog is dedicated to expressing both those passions and sharing them with others. I hope it inspires you to take a walk in the woods, contemplate how your life can be improved, or how you can improve the lives of others.

“Leggy” is a term that gardeners and farmers use to describe tomato plants that have sprouted up too fast. Their stems are long, sometimes too weak to stand up straight without help, and often they don’t have many leaves. Too much growth all at once can do this to a tomato plant. Luckily, tomatoes can […]

Noble Truths

by Houkje

On a mid August bike ride in Maryland, I had a brief encounter with a buck. We passed each other along the Northeast Branch trail near the College Park airport. His antlers, in the early morning sun, were glistening. A soft layer of velvety fuzz encompassed them, revealing his stage of development. Softness covered bone, […]

I planted a cover crop of buckwheat in my backyard garden this fall. As I’m stomping around growing, tending, weeding, and picking my tomatoes and basil in the hot summer sun, the soil naturally breaks down. A cover crop helps revitalize it, giving it new life for next spring. It took five days for my […]

This morning, through my pre-coffee haze, I noticed my dad sitting at the dining room table. Two place settings were made. There was coffee in a beige carafe and two mugs expecting to be filled. Breakfast was all laid out on the table. He was waiting for my mother, his companion for the last 44 […]

I find moving to be one of the most disruptive experiences one can have in life. In fact, I think I’d rather volunteer to have a second root canal than have to sort through all my things. At least they give you pain killers at the dentist. The last time I moved, it was like […]

I have two rabbits living inside of my mind. One is a friendly, plump, white, good natured rabbit. He’s the kind that suburban families sometimes keep in the backyard. He’s been caged most of his life and has had to live by the rules of the family he was living with. He’s been trained to […]