Growing Up, Batman Costume and All

by Houkje

The other day, I saw a boy on his way to school.

He was in the backseat of his mother’s car, window down, head leaning out the side.

He made sure to say hello and tell me he liked my dog.

He was wearing a batman costume.

Oh how I wish I could be wearing a batman costume right now. Or maybe a wonder woman suit. It might help me personify the qualities I want to illicit in my life.

Strength. Bravery. Calm in the face of menacing threats all around.

Maybe I’ll get the outfit this weekend and wear it around the house to help motivate me to clean.

Or maybe I’ll pretend to be Kermit the frog and go on a hike in the woods and sing, “It isn’t easy being green.”

Don’t mock me.

We might be grownups, but we are still wearing costumes. They just don’t look as shiny and obvious.

They often come in the form of the roles we play. Mother. Co-worker. Best friend. Employee.

But they don’t ever seem to be as much fun as the one’s you get to wear when you are a kid.

That’s because we tend to attach a lot of baggage to the overarching costume of ‘adult.’

I need to be responsible. I can’t take time off.

I can’t say no.

I have to work late, or I won’t be seen as valuable.

I have to do this, no one else will.

Some authority figure or a combination of authority figures (who were the least likely to be willing to put on a batman suit) handed down a set of expectations of how you should behave as an adult.

And you bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

I say, hogwash.

Let’s all just put on our [insert costume of choice] and have some fun.

It’s all made up anyway.

You are now the authority figure for your own life. If you aren’t having fun, put on a different costume.

Learn how to switch costumes!

Contact me for coaching.

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