Find Your Voice

You have a voice. Something inside of you is calling to come out to the world and be heard.  Like an eagle’s cry, your voice echoes outward affecting everything around you.

Your voice is your essence and your energy.  It’s where your power lies. It’s where your sense of freedom and creativity are, too.

But it often gets squeezed out by other people’s expectations, societal rules, conformity.. that thing that made us all sit in our seats facing the teacher at the front of the room.  (Hint: Your voice DOES NOT WANT to sit facing the teacher.)

Like an egg, waiting to hatch… sometimes it’s just timing. Sometimes though, it needs to be nurtured.

If you can hear the faint whispers of your own voice… I can help you lean into it.

Are you ready?


What Clients Are Saying

Houkje is a skilled communicator and coach. Her style is open and inclusive and this approach gave me a great sense of ownership of our work together.

-Karmen, Washington, DC

Houkje is a brilliant and creative coach who has a gift for asking the right questions and getting to the heart of what’s going on.

-Lorraine Faehndrich, Ithaca, NY


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